Safia Delta

Memory By Safia Delta | I knew I was going to leave the Parisian region when I started taking these pictures. It was back in September 2015. The need to keep track of tiny elements in my everyday life increased as summertime got closer.
The feeling that a part of my life was coming to an end and the absolute ignorance so as to what my future life would look like put me in a state of hyperconsciousness. The photographic act became associated with a necessary detachment process. Memory is a poetic stance on 35mm, a desperate attempt to retain tiny pieces of a lifetime.
In this long-run project, the photograph alone has little weight but the set as it grows is building a bigger picture – an introspective and meditative puzzle I’m trying to understand.

COUNTRY | France

BIO | I’m a visual author and writer based in the south of France. I started taking pictures in 2015 to keep track of time. The camera has been a recording tool ever since and shifting to film deeply affected my practice. I place off-beat moments and moody contemplative scenes at the core of my work.
To me, the medium has both an introspective and an explorative function. The picture-making process helps me understand my relationship with time and the places I cross. Images foster my desire to discover and map an inner territory, a space that connects me to people and the society I live in.
Since 2018 my interest in arts led me to create Intérieur-s, a blog published on a French website dedicated to photography, Le Révélateur Phocéen. This collaboration allows me to share thoughts around known artists and photographers’ creative process in a series of articles confronting paintings and photographs.